Our Neighbor, Sean Haugh, Candidate for US Senate

Have you met our neighbor, Sean Haugh?  Sean Haugh is the Libertarian candidate for US Senate in North Carolina.  Sean has lived in Durham since 1988 and has been extremely active in the Libertarian Party, serving as the nationwide Political Director and statewide Executive Director in the past.  After a short retirement from politics, which began in 2010, Sean decided to jump back into the fray this year because he couldn't stand the idea of walking in to the voting booth and only having the option of More War (D) and More War (R).

Sean's unique series of Youtube videos has made a big splash in national news.  His "Opening Statement" video has been the most popular so far.

Sean has been featured in the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, MSNBC and other national news outlets.  He has been polling at a very respectable 8-11% so far in the campaign which may be strong enough to put him in the debates this Fall.

So, if you haven't met Sean Haugh yet, you can usually find him at Satisfactions in Brightleaf Square in Durham around 6:30pm on Tuesdays; he usually announces it on Facebook.

We will continue to follow his campaign as the election season progresses.  Stay tuned.


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