Orange County Libertarian Running for Carrboro Alderman

Matthew Clements is excited to announce that he is running for Carrboro Alderman in 2019. He is a Information Technology professional with decades of business management experience locally who is active volunteering with local non-profits as well as organizing the Orange County and North Carolina Libertarian Party.

Matthew Clements for Carrboro Alderman


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He has been a resident of Carrboro since moving to Carolina Apartments in the early 90’s as an undergraduate at the University of North Carolina. He looks forward to adding to the discussion on how Carrboro can continue to be one of the finest small towns in North Carolina while ensuring fair use of city finances to keep Carrboro affordable for all. Carrboro is a vibrant and diverse community with excellent ratings from residents. We have to keep exceeding the expectations of those whom we serve.

There are three major areas that Carrboro needs a new perspective to add to our very progressive leadership. First off is to be responsible in planning. It is no shock that between the zoning restrictions and business property taxes Orange County and Carrboro in particular are not competitive with our neighbors in Chatham and Durham County. We have to work together to add a healthy business tax base in Carrboro where government does not pick and choose winners and losers. Carrboro needs more affordable housing and will have to be creative to locate more apartments within range of our transportation and public works.

Second is to live within our means - Carrboro has just over 50% of their governmental funding from assessed property taxes and these rates go up regularly every year. Our community loves to have civic engagement for putting bonds up for referendum almost every year to have citizens drive the process to borrow millions of dollars for education, affordable housing and other projects. Debt service currently is inexpensive - but paying down interest debt is a waste of our limited resources. Carrboro can and should live within our means just like hard working families and individuals do.

Third is to help to bring our community together. The major challenges facing our town is parking. We need cooperative public/private programs to maximize parking use for both public and private lots. Carrboro has a comprehensive study of lot use - however the solution is bringing property owners, managers and the town together to set up a program and system that can bring more people into our vibrant downtown to shop, eat and enjoy the Paris of the Triangle.

Carrboro celebrates and champions diversity - let’s come together to add a new voice to the Board of Aldermen this year. Matthew Clements looks forward to serving our community with dignity to plan for the coming decades.


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