Durham Citizens' Financial Report (Part IV)

Each year, the City of Durham publishes a Citizens' Financial Report, akin to an annual report for a company or non-profit.  The report highlights some of the accolades and successes from the year and outlines the city's financial health. 

In this last part, we will wrap up with an overview of some of the last facts and figures included in the report.

  • Durham is the 4th largest city in North Carolina and 85th largest in the country
  • The 2013 population of Durham was estimated at 241,752 people
  • The City of Durham includes 108.6 square miles of land
  • The City of Durham employs 2,221 people
  • The cost for the City of Durham to pave one lane-mile of street is $70,000
  • The City of Durham has 721 miles of streets
  • The City of Durham has 20,565 street lights
  • The City of Durham has 5 police stations
  • The City of Durham has 508 sworn officers
  • The City of Durham has 68 parks and 13 recreation centers
  • The City of Durham received 20,458 emergency calls
  • The City of Durham put out 910 fires
  • There are 87,159 water management customers in the City of Durham
  • There are 1,186 miles of water mains in the City of Durham


Investments in Durham

In 2012 and through July 2013, more than $800 million in investments were announced within Durham.  This includes a $94 million expansion by Syngenta, a $48.3 million expansion by BioMerieux, a $29.4 million expansion by GE Aviation and the addition of five new hotels at a total estimated cost of over $100 million.




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