Cost of Doing Business in Durham

Forbes recently published their "Best Places for Business and Careers" ranking in which Raleigh received the top spot.  Durham was ranked at #26 overall; #9 in education, #65 in job growth and #108 in cost of doing business.  Property taxes continue to increase in Durham and neighboring Orange County (which did not appear in the Forbes list).  With Raleigh (#29 in cost of doing business) right next door, Durham needs to take a serious look at eliminating barriers and unnecessary costs.

Are you a business owner in Durham or Orange County?  Let us know about your experience opening and running a business locally.  What unnecessary barriers and costs did you encounter?

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Deal for Duke Energy

Duke Energy’s recent ash spill sparked an ongoing debate on how to deal with ash ponds sitting near waterways. Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good wants to pass the costs on to customers, and Republicans are trying their best to protect Duke Energy. Democrats are pushing to prevent customers from having to pay a penny.

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